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Highest quality equipment provide highest quality production.

We Keep Top Notch Quality

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Real-time AR, VR, XR Solution


Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for broadcast, feature film production and corporate presentations since 1993.

We are focused on assisting our clients to create highly engaging visual experiences for their viewers while reducing production costs, creating advanced solutions that are fast, reliable and flexible.In these 25 years, Brainstorm has become a leading company in real-time 3D graphics, and increasingly recognized by broadcasters and filmmakers.

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The Ncam Reality Solution

The Ncam Reality Solution is a “one-size-fits-all” hybrid camera tracking solution for all AR, MR and XR scenarios, including studios and outdoor environments with compatibility for all pro cameras and lenses. It is comprised of the revolutionary Reality 2022 software combined with the innovative modular Mk2 hardware.



Compact cinema camera featuring RED’s unparalleled image quality, color science, and groundbreaking global shutter sensor technology in a shockingly small and versatile form factor.

Capture every movement, burst, and flash without sacrificing an ounce of dynamic range or overall image quality.

The latest evolution of REDCODE is optimized for KOMODO. Allowing users to continue unlocking unbelievable image capture potential and creative flexibility with a new simplified user experience.

Brainstorm’s advanced yet user-friendly products meet today’s rapidly evolving broadcast, film and AV market’s requirements by providing state-of-the-art real-time 3D graphics, VP/XR (Virtual Production & Extended Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and virtual studio solutions. Brainstorm’s client base includes large broadcasters, smaller and regional stations, production houses and other content providers.

Ncam Reality comprises the revolutionary Reality 2022 software combined with the innovative modular Mk2 hardware.

Ncam Reality 2022 introduces our ‘Hybrid’ tracking, enabling unique flexibility and accuracy offering the ability to track any environment, whether you’re on an LED smart stage, full green screen studio or outdoors in a street or on a soccer field. The choice is yours.

The                                           Reality Solution



The RED lineup offers the most powerful and advanced cinema camera performance on the market. The V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL systems are both now available with either the 8K W+ 6K S35 multi-format sensor or the all new 8K S35 version, and the KOMODO 6k features amazing global shutter performance in shockingly small form factor.

Matt Workman, Cinematographer/Developer

"Having everyone actually seeing the virtual environment is a breath of fresh air. It brings all the creative decision making back into one space and one moment, whereas production is typically distributed around the world and over weeks or months in a typical greenscreen virtual environment pipeline."
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